mardi 24 juillet 2012

Bat For Lashes - Laura

On Friday, October 12 appears "The Haunted Man," the new and third album by Bat For Lashes.

"The Haunted Man 'is the successor of' Two Suns' from 2009, an album that the breakthrough for the incantation Natasha Khan and 500,000 copies sold worldwide. 'Two Suns' was also nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, and the equally renowned Brit Awards.

The first - gorgeous - single and ditto video from 'The Haunted Man "is" Laura ", a subdued and subtle piano ballad with horns during the current festival tour has played live was also upon her 4 **** passage at Rock Werchter. Who exactly is Laura, we do not know, but she is "bigger than a superstar" because "Your name is tattooed on every boy's skin."

See the official video here:
Buy 'Laura' at iTunes:

The striking album cover for 'The Haunted Man "is the work of photographer Ryan McGinley. The image, a naked Natasha Khan a naked man on her shoulders, did last night after the unveiling many virtual uproar on Twitter and Facebook but more than the picture remained the single hang. 'Laura' by the famous British BBC radio presenter Zane Lowe immediately named "Hottest record in the world '.

Bat For Lashes proposes' The Haunted Man "on Thursday, November 29th in the Ancienne Belgique.
Information and tickets:

mercredi 11 juillet 2012

CocoRosie - We Are On Fire

Last month, the freaky sisterly art-folk duo CocoRosie returned with their new single “We Are On Fire.” The song’s striking new video, from director Emma Freeman, is full of artfully compositions that’ll get utterly stuck in your brainpan. Occult imagery abounds, bodies fall in exquisite slow-motion, and the whole thing seems to take place on some undiscovered Matthew Barney planet. Watch it below.

lundi 9 juillet 2012

Emilie Simon - Franky's Princess - Clip Officiel - By Gerlando Infuso

Check out the new and amazing stop-motion video for Emilie Simon's newest single "Franky's Princess". This song is the first of her new album "Franky Knight" which she will also launch in the US. But that's not all, this album will also be the soundtrack of the movie Delicacy, with the fabulous Audrey Tautou!

But let's not forget the video. Made by Brussels-based Gerlando Infuso, it tells and shows in dazzling scenes a love story that puts the romantic next to the dark mystery of what we might or might not expect when we search for our knight in shining armour!

The dance-scenes and the expression on the faces are just beyond believe!

Get carried and danced away on this powerfull song and sparkling video!

More of Gerlando here:

more more more!

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