mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Leftorium Brussels - 10/12/11

After a great, great party at AA Docks with killer sets from Ivan Smagghe, Kiki and Geoffroy Mugwump, we are back on the 10.12. For those who attended, we’d like to say we are truly sorry but had nothing to do with that annoying smell problem. AA Docks have guaranteed us it has been solved and won’t ever happen again ! Nevertheless the vibe was truly kicking and we had…a blast (Video on the way to prove it !)

So now for this new edition, we are truly excited to welcome UK dance-music LEGEND, Andrew Weatherall, a true wizard of musical re-invention (which is a rare breed in these sad, stereotyped “one-genre, one-sound’ days). Yes, the producer behind Primal Scream’s “Screamadelica” classic album (or more recently for great acts such as Warpaint or Fuck Buttons) and tons of amazing records as Two Lone Swordsmen or Sabres of Paradise (on Warp) and many, many different aliases, will lead the way of a truly stellar line-up, that also comprehends one of our favorite dj’s, the Kompakt mainstay and Total Confusion supremo, Mr Tobias Thomas (who really launched Leftorium with a bang, back in february and is here again by Leftist public demand !) plus Leftoriumist executive Geoffroy Mugwump (Kompakt), highly excited to finally welcome Sir Weatherall at one of his parties too.
Below here, we’ve added cool Youtube vids with and about Andrew Weatherall and Tobias Thomas plus the plan to reach the party….

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