mercredi 7 décembre 2011

We supports Courts mais trash - Saison#7 Part.2

For the second projection of the season, we'll go with the strange, the absurd, in short: a fourth dimension extravaganza. Our time has given birth to some 100% weird directors in England, Switzerland, and of course our surreal kingdom. The Belgian representative par excellence : Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He will be there in person to present our favorite movie in his long filmography "Revenge of the Sacristan Cannibal.


You will also watch : "The world laughs and farts" by Stefan Kinoïte Dumont, "Chronicles of bad luck" by Osamn Cerfon, "Anthropo-Fragmentation" by Johann Sebastian Groult, the decadent "Employee of the Month" by Clement Cornu and a movie that might succeeds to disgust fans of gore "Hunger 2 death" by Francis Yagopian, etc..

Courts Mais trash and Brusselsisburning offers you the possibility to win 3x2 free entrance. For that contest, Just send an e-mail @ before friday midnight
The  winners will be warned by e-mail.

Full program and informations on

Practical infos:
When : Saturday december 10th - 9.P.M.
Where : Rue des Riches-Claires 24 - 1000 Brussels
No kids allowed
Entrance fee : €5

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