vendredi 31 août 2012

Dead Man Talking - Trailer

8 Pm. A death row somewhere. William Lamers, last prisoner of a disused prison, was sentenced to poison homicide. The law does not specify the length of the last statement, thus he will  take advantage of this legal vacuum and engage in a final monologue to escape the sentence. Scripts that should be a formality will then become the most incredible political and media issue at the heart of an election campaign that can be described as amazing, to say the less.

Dead Man Talking is a Belgian film which will be released the 3rd october 2012 in cinema.  The director and main actor is Patrick Ridremont.

Casting : François Berléand, Virginie Efira, Christian Marin, Jean-Luc Couchard, Olivier Leborgne, Denis M’Punga, Pauline Burlet, Didier Ferrari, Jean-Claude Dubiez, Linda Woodhall, Django Luan Schrevens, Luca Born, Alain Holtgen, Daniel Dietenbeck, Jean-Michel Larré.

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