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Hyères 2010 25th International Festival

Hyères 2010
25th International Fashion + Photography Festival
April 30th - May 3rd
Villa Noailles, Hyères, FRANCE

Exhibits until May 30th

A Shaded View production
Trailer by Antoine Asseraf
Voice over by Diane Pernet.

A Shaded View is the official video channel of Diane's Pernet A Shaded View On Fashion blog


Nora Berger & Kathrin Lugbauer, Austria, Womenswear collection
Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong, United Kingdom, Menswear collection
Yun Jung Kim, South Korea, Womenswear collection
Isabel Mastache Martinez, Spain, Menswear collection
Tsolmandakh Munkhuu, Mongolia, Womenswear collection
Lucile Puton, France, Menswear collection
Nada van Dalen, The Netherlands, Mixed collection
Alexandra Verschueren, Belgium, Womenswear collection

Yiqing Yin, France, Womenswear collection
Ali Zedtwitz & Valerie Lange, Austria, Womenswear collection


President : Dries Van Noten, Fashion designer ; Founder and owner of Dries Van Noten, Antwerp

Michele Bocchese, Sales manager, Maglificio Miles Spa, Vicenza
Maria Cornejo, Fashion designer & Founder and owner of Zero, New York
Laura Incardona, Writer, Flair, Milan
Olivier Lalanne, Vogue Hommes International, Editor in chief ; Associate Editor in chief, Vogue Paris
Malcolm Mc Laren (in abstentia) , Composer & Artist, Paris, New York.
Sarah Mower, Fashion writer and Collections Reviewer,, London, New York
Pascale Mussard, Co Artistic Director, Hermes, Paris
Nancy Rohde, Fashion stylist & Consultant, London
Sally Singer, Writer, Vogue US, New York.
Charlotte Stockdale, Fashion stylist & Consultant, Paris, London

Alexandra Verschueren

Womenswear collection

Alexandra Verschueren has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp; she lives and works in Belgium. Alexandra takes as her main concept, how architecture and clothing are fundamentally bound by a necessity to protect the body against nature. Fashion may also communicate emotions, translate concepts, or even underline identity. Inspired by the German artist Thomas Demand and his cardboard illusions, this designer has taken paper as a starting point for her collection. This material clearly enters into the design process (sketches and sewing patterns) and serves as a metaphor for artificiality, moving between truth and falsehood. Inspired by Japanese origami, she has devised cut-outs and three dimensional folds. These unusual shapes graft themselves upon “normal” clothes, creating volumes, textures, openwork, patterns, even complex structures, completely transforming the silhouette. Simple designs, evoking children’s scribbles, are created directly upon the fabric, finishing off this illusion which exposes itself.


At the villa Noailles
Dries Van Noten (fashion) - Piscine

Steven Klein (photography) - Squash
Walter Pfeiffer (photography) - Galerie d'actualité
A Shaded View On Fashion Film ( video) - Gymnase
Linus Bill (photography) - Sautoir
Marc Turlan (art-fashion) - Jardin Nord
Ludivine Caillard (art-fashion) - Cour des perruches
Justin Morin (art-fashion) - Pigeonnier
Jean-Paul Lespagnard (fashion) - Cour des pieds carrés

Photo : Philippe Jarrigeon, 2010

Dries Van Noten

Piscine, villa Noailles

Dries Van Noten at the villa Noailles.

President of the jury for the Festival at Hyères, Dries Van Noten has been invited to create an exhibit for the pool room.

A collection of projections envelop the visitor.
Snapshots of life at the villa governed by Madame and Monsieur de Noailles are projected onto all of the surfaces of the surrounding walls in this aquatic sports room. These images, harvested from the archives, both familiar and forgotten, in France and abroad, are contrasted against and compared with images taken from the world belonging to this designer.

The atmosphere and the sounds of fashion shows permeate without relying on the clothes and their restrictions. A glimpse of Dries Van Noten’s passion for the tailoring and the expertise inherent of a craft, and not an art.

The perspectives of Dries, and of the Noailles, move us through both time and these images.

Coproduced by La Galerie des Galeries, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


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