mardi 26 avril 2011


After a fruitful collaboration between BaseDesign and Ludion on the catalogue for UltraMegaLore, the recent exhibition of top model Hannelore Knuts, BaseDesign got the idea to launch a new series of publications with Lido. The first, Fashion, is an edition showcasing the work of Belgian photographer Serge Leblon.

The book revolves around Leblon’s work for fashion houses and designers including Veronique Branquinho, Hermès, Sonia Rykiel, and Chanel. Also included in Fashion an insightful interview between Serge Leblon and film/TV director Loïc Prigent.

Serge Leblon began his career far removed from the fashion world, as a news photographer covering the Lebanon war from the front. Perhaps this experience has contributed to the aesthetic of his fashion images, which balance life with abandonment, a zest for living with plain melancholy.

Leblon’s subtle play with soft-focus and light give his subdued images a gritty, dreamlike atmosphere, and an awkward, contemporary romanticism in sparkling colors. Images that are at once rough and tender, revealing and mysterious, with one foot in reality and the mind completely elsewhere.

Serge Leblon’s images intrigue, charm, and slowly work their way into your subconscious.

FRIDAY 29th of APRIL at 6pm 
Release of Serge Leblon's book at Bozarshop
Rue Ravenstein 15, 1000 Brussels

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