mercredi 18 avril 2012

Poppositions - Exhibition - 20-21-22 April 12.

Poppositions is a new off-fair taking place during Art Brussels, showcasing emerging artists and galleries working with site-specific exhibitions. A selection of artworks will be presented in deliberate interaction with a unique architectural setting, the railway station of Bruxelles Congrès.

Fairs are currently among the primary opportunities of exchange and interaction in contemporary art, playing a fundamental role in the process of establishing and administering the value and direction of art. Poppositions will occupy Bruxelles Congrès with the aim of establishing a critical and edgy alternative to the prevailing format while nurturing high artistic standard and international appeal.

Read the program:

20-21-22 April from 12.00 'till 21.00
Bruxelles Congrès, 38
Brussels 1000

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JlZAlN0 a dit…

Chat-vernissage from home in this side exhibition virtually sited in Brussels dedicated to European crisis: h t t p : / / e u r o p a w n s . h a s . i t

Chat-vernissage chez toi dans cette exposition collatérale virtuellement située à Bruxelles, dediée à la crise européenne: h t t p : / / e u r o p a w n s . h a s . i t

more more more!

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