vendredi 25 mai 2012


Riccardo Tisci revisits his iconic pieces of the masculine wardrobe for Spring. His signature silhouette transcends sleek tailoring and urban sportswear with childhood obsessions. A sharp cut reveals a soft touch and an elaborate take on fabrics.

A subtle reference to boy scout uniforms, today’s kids and small military soldiers go through the collection. From prints to details, it brings a new perspective to the Givenchy classics.

Bold prints feature paisley, vintage army aircrafts intertwined in coloured paisley, propellers, braids and stars. Horizontal stripes and checks complement this overtly printed collection. Yet its visual impact also comes from graphic inserts and patchworks of contrasted fabrics and colours and geometrical cuttings.

Formalwear and casualwear morph to create hybrid garments playing with techniques and textures. Tuxedo jackets offer trompe l’oeil effects contrasting wool/mohair with satin or micro-textured wool with ottoman satin.

Colours are focused on black, navy, slate blue, khaki, burgundy with highlights of pale pink and red.

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