lundi 9 juillet 2012

Emilie Simon - Franky's Princess - Clip Officiel - By Gerlando Infuso

Check out the new and amazing stop-motion video for Emilie Simon's newest single "Franky's Princess". This song is the first of her new album "Franky Knight" which she will also launch in the US. But that's not all, this album will also be the soundtrack of the movie Delicacy, with the fabulous Audrey Tautou!

But let's not forget the video. Made by Brussels-based Gerlando Infuso, it tells and shows in dazzling scenes a love story that puts the romantic next to the dark mystery of what we might or might not expect when we search for our knight in shining armour!

The dance-scenes and the expression on the faces are just beyond believe!

Get carried and danced away on this powerfull song and sparkling video!

More of Gerlando here:

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