mercredi 19 septembre 2012

- Buzz on your lips presents Venetian Snares - 20/09/12

Buzz On Your Lips - This thursday 20th of September (2012)  at Blaes 208 (Fuse) 

Line up:

Venetian Snares (Can)
Kid 606 (US)
Enduser (US)

Dj Skull Vomit aka Tony from Eustachian (US)
Geste ( FR) 
Ozzy Ozwald (BE) 
Mers (BE)

Visuals by Vj About:Blank (BE)

Fuse (Blaes 208)
Rue Blaes/blaesstraat 208
1000 Brussels
Entrance: 10 Pm - 15 Euros 
Presales at Fnac. 

More info about this event here

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