mercredi 29 mai 2013


On Kawara - Reading One Million Years (Past and Future) at Trafalgar Square London - 2004 - Photo Marcus Leith

One Million Years , an epic work of On Kawara, from 1969, documenting and recording the passage of time. The 20-volume work consists of two books, Past and Future , each covering a million years. Past is dedicated to "all the people who have lived and died 'and refers to the years between 998 031 BC. to 1969. Future is dedicated 'to the last' and runs until 1.00198 million.Since the first public reading, in 1993 Dia Center for the Arts in New York, found in cities all over the world talks of One Million Years place , with a man and a woman who took turns reading data from Past and Future. Close in numerical order each new reading on the previous session, until his read all years. For the public lecture at the Palace of Fine Arts, the first in Belgium, we are looking for men and women in this unique and special project want to participate. From June 26 to July 14, 2013, you can reserve one of the four time blocks (90 minutes) per day. Please note that the lectures held in English. Want to experience? this unique experience Please then HERE to register . Each participant automatically take part in our competition, where you at our new BOZAR Subscribe friends formula can win!

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