lundi 3 juin 2013


Swatch surfaces with a new look on life and a Scuba watch with a difference: it’s not just for divers, it’s for the rest of us, too. As we sail the streets of a gridlocked city, board a submarine subway for a storm-tossed ride home, or take the wheel of a sloop in downtown Manhattan, there’s no limit to the power of our imagination when unleashed by passion and the new Scuba Libre from Swatch . 
The new Scuba Libre Collection does give water fans what they want, of course. Big, bold indicators in high-contrast colours are easy to read when swimming with the fish in the wonder of life undersea. Hands-on, rotating bezels and snug, rugged silicone straps do the rest. 

But for visionaries on dry land, it’s the look that counts – sexy and sea-worthy at the same time. So three of the new models open up the dial to show coloured movements in translucent cases, and the eye-candy colours are trending now, too. And for the urban gentleman who’s secretly mad about the sea, more models speak openly of his passion. Brash, competent and supremely confident, a real sailor knows what he wants – and gets it, underwater and above. 

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