mercredi 6 avril 2011

Congrès brings summer in Brussels

Saturday April 9th, Brussels Congrès raises the temperature from Tel-Aviv to Brussels via Germany during an exceptional party. The “PAG” and its Djs organise the biggest queer and others friendly party of Tel Aviv. Once a month more than a thousand people rush to enjoy their music and their original sets offered by Omar Gershon and his team. Disguises, ice creams, electro and videos watched from all over the world, the last one was retwitted by Lady Gaga and Madonna and seen more than 500 000 times! ( For this party, the PAG realised a video which will be broadcasted a few days before the event. 
Avihai Partok will mix along with Breiten from Cologne who comes with a very energetic and positive House music. Along the night the other PAG members will bring an ambiguous and unforgettable performance to your eyes, while Bruxelles Congrès will create a special Beach set with sunglasses and straw hats. Everything you need to begin summer in the best possible way !

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