jeudi 28 avril 2011

Iris Day 2011

The Brussels Capital Region celebrates the Iris Day each year at the beginning of May. The program includes free concerts and activities.
Free concerts on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday there will be events in the city.

Saturday 7 May 2011
12h30-18h30: Boulevard de l'Empereur (B Stage) with concerts by new rock talents Sinus Georges, Teme Tan, Kiss&Drive, Jammin Troopers, Romano Nervoso
19h-23h30: Place des Palais with concerts by Piano Club, Arno

Sunday 8 May 2011
11h-18h: open day Brussels Parliament with dance and music
12h-18h: Party in the Streets
19h-23h30: Place des Palais with concerts by Fanfare du Belgistan, Fredy Massamba, Magic System
Program Party in the Streets

Place Royale:
events on the architectural heritage of the Place Royale (BIP)
Shanghai 2010: photo exhibition by Marin Kasimir (BIP)
exhibition Experience Brussels: the 19 municipalities of Brussels (BIP)
Le Bal des acteurs: music
L'Opéra des Marolles: a Brussels opera made by residents of the Marolles
Place du Musée:
children zone: initiation circus, children disco, creative workshops, concerts,...
Mont des Arts:
poetic performance Performance aveuglante et badinerie en chœur
Zen-Garden: installation with nature sounds
reading zone
Place de l'Albertine: 
Sienta la cabeza  hairdresser comedy with music
Place d'Espagne:
Piknik Elektronik with DJs
Carrefour de l'Europe: 
Stad Apero Urbain: meeting of people with an apéritif

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