mardi 9 août 2011

Interview - Nicolas Lefébure by Klodia Vanloo

USERNAME /NICKNAME: Nicolas Lefébure

CITY: Brussels

COUNTRY: Belgium

Could you describe/introduce yourself with your own adjectives ?

I am discrete, shy, sensitive, left-handed, skeptical, comfortable, responsible, ambitious, lazy, aware, slippery and contradictious.

How old are you ?

Not yet 20...

Why did you create your blog ? 

To start sharing the few pictures I was taking back then, nothing really huge. I was not really to get involved into that "blogosphère" like we would call it in French. But then, day after day, you start meeting interesting people, related to that "blogosphère" and by these meetings you dive each time a few more into it, until you one day belong to it...

What do you think of the fashion world ? 

I have always been interested in fashion, following many blogs about streetstyle, fashion advice, catwalk reports,… It's really important to me. I also think when your models are not even a little bit looking like they were into fashion, you can't get anything from them… Yes, of course ! You can get vibes, emotion by the way they look at the camera, by the way they smile, and stuff.

But by shooting random dressed people, don't be shocked by getting random dressed fans.

Are you more "Born to be alive" or "Born to be wild" ?

"Born to be wild", when I can sleep out. I still live with my parents.
And what about celebrity ?

Ask my mum to answer this question, I'm quite too busy right now.
What do you do for entertainment/to set your mind of things ? 

I go for a walk/cigaret in my neighborhood, I've never seen such a quiet one.


What are you thinking about at the moment ? 

I'm wondering when my friend will stop throwing up. It's already late.
If you could ask yourself one interview question, what would it be ?

"How much can you lift up at the bench press ?"

Does your future scares you? 

I must admit I am quite scared. But people often remember me how young I am, and that I have enough time to take decisions concerning my future… Thus now, let's just let my body hover, Belgian wind will be my sherpa.

Could you create something for us ?


Tell me about your creation?

All I can say is, Klodia knows. 

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