mardi 9 août 2011

Levi's® Legacy (English)

The Levi’s® brand today premiered “Levi’s® Legacy,” its first-ever global ‘Go Forth’ advertising spot, and unveiled a digital engagement program celebrating pioneers around the globe.  Launching exclusively on Facebook, the 60-second film and digital program tap into the power of the interconnected global community to spark change and create positive action unrestricted by geographic barriers.

The premiere of “Levi’s® Legacy” will reach nearly 325 million people worldwide on Facebook before appearing on movie screens and TV around the globe mid August.  Through Facebook and, Levi’s® fans and viewers will be encouraged to support the spirit and influence of today’s modern pioneers who are working to create a better world.

“Levi’s® Legacy”
Filmed by Berlin-based director Ralf Schmerberg, the 60-second film titled “Levi’s® Legacy” is an emotional journey into the lives of young people expressing their hopes and dreams for a better world in meaningful ways.  Featuring the poem “The Laughing Heart,” by Charles Bukowski, the film delivers a message of hope and empowerment that underscores the theme “Now Is Our Time”.  The film closes with the Levi’s® brand’s ultimate call to action: ‘Go Forth.’

The integrated global ‘Go Forth’ campaign will appear in 24 countries and 19 languages and act as a rally cry to create positive change in the world today.  The creative campaign was developed by Wieden+Kennedy and marks the first time the Levi’s® brand has delivered a singular creative platform to a global audience.

It's every person's legacy to make the world more to their liking. Now is our time. Go Forth! Visit

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