lundi 5 septembre 2011


Making of the new image campaign announcing THE BELIEVERS Smashing Future Fashion, a project founded by La Fortuna Studio in collaboration with emerging designers and other industry players who are defining the sustainable future of avant-garde fashion, luxury and craftsmanship.

The video represents a year of exciting collaborations with cutting-edge emerging designers from all across the globe, a modern exploration into sculptural fashion fantasies and upcycled couture pieces drawing on the inextricable link between sustainable fashion and the future. 

THE BELIEVERS mission is to spot and let permeate through new visual imagery the work of emerging designers who are applying the traditions of craftsmanship within couture into contemporary materials to create strong, cohesive collections of menswear, womenswear, jewellery, shoes and accessories.

Featuring fashion pieces by designers: Michelle-Lowe Holder, Emma Lundgren, Martina Spetlova, Karishma Shahani, Studio Swine, Hetty Rose, Keko Hainswheeler, Michela Carraro, Andreia Chaves, Natalie Rae Richardson, Thorbjorn Uldam, Wali Barrech, Katrien Van Hecke, Christophe Coppens, Totems, Osborn Design, UK artist/designer Insa and a selection of students from La Fortuna Studio exclusive collaboration with London Central Saint-Martins School of Art & Design.

More info here:

Directed by Javier Barcala © La Fortuna Studio
Studio manager: Mark Douglas
Filmed and edited by Eleanna Gouvra
Soundtrack: 'Happy House' by Shindu (courtesy of Maison Kitsuné)
Make-up and hair: Steven Raes & Marie-Madeleine Baquet

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