mardi 27 septembre 2011


This 1st October starts the 7th season of Courts mais Trash that will take place on Saturday instead of Friday at Riches-Claires theater. 
Pumped more than ever, you'll discover trashy "but not only" short-movie from all over the world. Poetry, cynicism, music, horror et kinky… It will be Court but Trash.

For this occasion, we have 3x2 tickets for you. contests are over!

Attention: This event it will be restricted to adult.


"La Fistinière" from Jéremie About & Sébastien Bardos (FR). "Audiotour" from Stephane Kaas (NL), "T is for Toilet" from Lee Hardcastle (USA), "Dans le cochon tout est bon" from Iris Alexandre (B), "12 Jhare" from Daniel Nocke (D) "Rezo" from N'Dembo Ziavoula (B), "Je vais à Disneyland" from Antoine Blondin (FR), "The Bottle" from Kirsten Lepore (USA), "Q.G. - BOMB" from Pierre Teulières (FR)...  
When : Samedi 1st October - 21.00
Where : Centre Culturel des Riches-Claires.
Price : 5 Euros

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