vendredi 5 février 2010


The Kakkoiiiro's general concept is simple, alloy graphism and clothing. The  centerpiece: t-shirt, but not only. Kakkoiiiro, it's existing brands and its own productions. The job of Kakkoiiiro with existing brands, is finding everywhere small hyper- creative entities and make available some larger structures but not yet sufficiently known. Anyway, waiting is not allowed, the establishment is changing too fast, everything that Kakkoiiiro offers is in limited stock. Kakkoiiiro's productions goes in this direction, they are limited editions, numbered and unique. They come from collaborations with artists from all backgrounds and disciplines. Kakkoiiiro has also selected a range of original toys that you will not find elsewhere. The blog continues to talk about street fashion. But beware, the Kakkoiiiro's store does not sell everything that is posted on the blog, they are two separate entities. Expect to participate. Kakkoiiiro is alive. You can influence the choice of items in stock, brands and even styles available... 

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