jeudi 30 décembre 2010

SMART URBAN STAGE BRUXELLES - We did it! has tested the car yesterday!

Remember, last week i gave you some informations about "SMART URBAN STAGE BRUXELLES". In the heart of brussels you can try the "smart fortwo electric drive" for free!

When I sit behind the car, it feels like driving any car, but actually a bit better. The silence is sooooo beautiful, but it is the character of the car that seduces me (so quiet that even with the radio on, you can still hear everyone's comments as they point at you).
The smart fortwo electric drive has a 30 kW electric motor in the rear of the car and can accelerate as fast as its gas-powered cousin, or about 0 to 40 mph in 6.5 seconds.
The smart fortwo electric drive will have a range of about 82 miles on a full battery at average city speeds, or four to five hours. The interior is far from spacious, but that, of course, is the point. But the most important is (at my point view) that the electric motor and battery pack produce no emissions of any kind and promise near-zero maintenance for the life of the vehicule. Electricity is far cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel!..

Just two click and drive..

- Easy to subscribe on this following link. Click here and fill the form.
- Your driving licence in your pocket go to the urban stage brussels / avenue de la toison d'or / 1050 Brussels a fantastic and professional team is waiting for you!
- experience the car and have fun!

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