mercredi 23 mars 2011

Colors - Superheroes

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's ...

Batman, Catwoman, Ironman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Superman. The world is full of fictional superheroes. With all their superpowers, special abilities, and alter egos, it can be hard to believe they have anything in common with human beings.

The first fictional superheroes were impossible demigods, but the definition soon developed to embrace a wide range of characters sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Extraordinary courage, ability and essentially noble qualities define a modern hero or role model. And heroes become superheroes as a consequence of the extreme nature of the situations they're in, the greatness of their action or the extent of its ultimate outcome.

We are looking for real superheroes. More than heroic acts, we want to celebrate the heroic lifestyles of otherwise 'ordinary' people. We want people who do amazing things. Inventors, adventurers, activists: send us incredible profiles and underreported stories.
Your superhero may feature in COLORS and become an inspiration to many more!

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