mercredi 11 janvier 2012

Courts Mais Trash goes to liege #2

After the fantastic  first edition in Liege (at LaZone), Courts Mais Trash will return to Liege on Friday, January 13th for a selection around the theme: 
The political film, it's nice!

The planet and its people are going insane, and filmmakers take their camera to awaken consciences. The question is: does a politicaly commited movie has to be boring?  

Our answer is no, and we will demonstrate it with a dozen fun independent short films around different topics. A good way to start this new year, ain't it?

With among others: " Contre, tout contre " by Yoann Stehr,  The cry of revolt with "  Vivre ensemble en harmonie  " by Lucie THOC (Lacambre), " Une vie " by Emmanuel Bellegarde, the activists " Les Barbares " and "Gay ? " by Jean-Gabriel Periot, the bloody yet green" L’arbre blessé  " by Yann Dubois, the anti-globalistic with " L’arbre blessé " by Jorge Furtado, etc ....

When : Friday 13th january  - 20.30
Where : at La Zone
Price : 5 Euros

More info here

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