mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Jean-paul Lespagnard & Laetitia Bica @ the first edition of ASVOFF Barcelona

Trailer ASVOFF Barcelona 2012 from Cinemacircus on Vimeo.

Truck by Laetitia Bica  was inspired by the collection fall/winter 11-12 « I COULD BE YOURS » of Jean-Paul Lespagnard. The movie Will be screened under the category "Official Selection" for the first edition of ASVOFF Barcelona.

Production Laetitia Bica and Leslie Artamonow
Director and DOP by Laetitia Bica
chief oprerator : Leslie Artamonow
Visual video by Dirty monitor
Styling by Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Models : Eliza Sys, Chevali Inghels and Tine Marteens
Hair and make up : Orla McKeating and Charline Vanderweeën
Visual 3D DEKOTORA truck by Dominique Piccinato

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