vendredi 19 mars 2010

AntiVJ is a visual label .

AntiVJ is a visual label initiated by European-based artists whose work is focused on the use of projected light and its influence on our perception.

Clearly stepping away from standard setups & techniques, AntiVJ presents live performances and installations where projection on volume, visual mapping, tracking and augmented reality, stereoscopy and holographic illusion are providing to the audience a senses challenging experience.

Son et Lumiere performance produced by AntiVJ and Crea Composite
Performed on the 4th of October 08 at Mont des Arts in Brussels, Belgium during "Nuit Blanche".
Visuals production:
Yannick Jacquet (Lego_man)
Jérémie Peeters (Shirü)
Joanie Lemercier (crustea)

Sound Design: Thomas Vaquié

Commissioned by PixlMusic.
In collaboration with Chocolat Noisette.

an audiovisual performance, August 2009
New Songdo city, South Korea.
Yannick Jacquet
Joanie Lemercier
Olivier Ratsi
Romain Tardy
Thomas Vaquié
Nicolas Boritch

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