lundi 29 mars 2010

Blanche & Bietnik : it's Belgian!

World reknowned DJ's Blanche and Beatnik have sold out venues like Tony's Road Café in Denderwindeke and even conquered the barren lands of Wallonia. They're famous for their meticulous hairdos and knowledge of ultra-complicated remixes, but most of all they've gained their fame by showing their tits in public. Blanche and Bietnik started off in the nineties as the founding members of the Riot Grrrl scene in Belgium. Unfortunately, they were the only two members, so they decided they should go for something more fashionable and therefore launched a trend where people would wear a 'tut' on their backpacks. It launched both ladies back in the world of stardom. Now they are here for your pleasure only, singing along to every tune they may or may not know and completely unaware of what BPM or crossfade means.

This Wednesday, March 31th:
Blanche & Bietnik @ Fuck You presents Bruderherz

21:30 Cris & the Black Mormons /
22:00 'Bruderherz' by the LATZKE brothers /
23:00 Party with Blanche & Bietnik (Belgium) / Marcel Luckyghost (Japan) & Audio Headburn & Dron-O (UK)
@ Café Central, Brussels


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