mercredi 7 avril 2010

Party Harders vs The Subs - " The pope of dope"

POPE OF DOPE is the Partyharders’ first release in collaboration with The Subs.
The Subs are beyond introductions. Partyharders as well, but for those who have been living on another planet lately: the Partyharders Squad are incontournable in their hometown Liège. These electro wizards and graphic artists (with rvo/2shy & spit) are about to conquer not only the rest of our country but the rest of Western Europe as well. Their electronic letterbox is crammed with invitations to the trendiest parties. Each month they travel to Paris to reside at the famous Social Club. Justice, Busy P, Crookers, Boys Noize, The Bloody Beetroots, Mr Oizo: just a few names you will discover in the Partyharders Squad’s phone book.

The track is the result of The Subs inviting Partyharders over for some first class partying, what else?
When the spirits were high, someone had the luminous idea to do some vocals all of a sudden ... right? The Subs placed a mic in front of Mon Colonel's nose and the rest is history...

1. The Pope Of Dope
2. The Pope Of Dope (Rehab)
3. The Pope Of Dope (Highbloo Remix)
4. The Pope Of Dope (The Oddword Wahu Wahu Remix)

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