mercredi 7 avril 2010

Sang Bleu Parties, new dates

The 5th issue of Sang Bleu: launch in Brussels @ MAPP, 23th of April 2010.

with dancers:

Fabian Barba
Franziska Aigner
Tuur Marinus
Gabriel Schenker
Marisa Cabal

"The Way Things Go"

As soon as the given constellation of bodies on stage gets off-balance, this very opening motion continues passing on throughout the entire length of the performance. One body propels the next, impulse after impulse, accident after accident. Dominos and Butterflies pictures both a relentless catastrophe and a complexly designed machinery in which the forces of nature are compelled to do the work.

The piece exploits the productivity of self-imposed constraints, triggering the fabrication of surprising connections and new combinations. Choreography turns into step-by-step problem solving, when each constellation of bodies conditions the possibilities for the next movement.

LAUNCH OF SBV starting at 7pm

Rue Léon Lepage, 5
1000 - Brussels

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