jeudi 26 août 2010

Björk - The Comet Song

Björk is back with a new song as part of a kids' film that is completely animated. The film is called "Moomins And The Comet Chase". The track  is called 'The Comet Song'.

Swedish-Finnish author Tove Jannsen is the creator of the Moomins. He created these characters way back in the '40s and almost within no time, they became extremely popular in Scandinavia. The film’s worldwide release will showcase the voice talents of Swedish stars Max Von Sydown, Stellan Skarsgard along with others. The cast would also include Stellan’s son Alexander along with Peter Stormare.

She has debuted this theme song and stop-motion clip on her official website and declared all song profits received by Björk and her record company partners will be donated the UNICEF children's charities in Pakistan to help victims of the recent floods.

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