mardi 31 août 2010

"Mais il est où le soleil?" new General Store - Winter Collection

With the launch of their Winter collection, the Belgian brand “Mais il est où le Soleil?” opened their new general store in Brussels. Still located in the trendy “quatier du Châtelain” (rue Simonis, 55), the store is bigger and different then the previous one.

Arty window, wooden and steel furniture, light and cosy atmosphere, it seems everything was done with the idea to make the customer happy and comfortable during his shopping.

For this winter “Mais il est où le Soleil?” show pride of being Belgian by using photographs of our country most beautiful sight seeing place. The North Sea, hotel rooms, cobblestones gleaming with rain, Brussels and The Grand Place by night (all photographed by Nicolas Pirson), are reproduced on pleated voile.
With Also simplified lines with a twist of extravagant details, mixing neutral tones with bright colours like pistachio, plum, skin pink. The brand has created a collection for “Unashamed Punk Princess who rules over a world worth a Tim Walker’s picture”.

Boleros, sarouel, stovepipe, mohair camisole, pleated dress, shoulder straps, leather jacket… playing with fabric, style and colours seems to be a must for this season. After all, women deserve to have their own Wonderland…
Outdoor pictures: © Alex Salinas
Indoor pictures: © Jeff Jacobs

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