jeudi 2 décembre 2010

La Panoplie des Inséparables

The heat is on, I've put on my flannel pajama pants, a cozy scent of hot chocolate is floating in my apartment, and snowflakes are swinging in the air. It is official winter and the Holiday seasons are here!

With this cold what is more delightful then walk in the street warmly wrapped in our favorite wool scarf?

Magali London & Eve Hourrègue also known as Les Inséparables understood that perfectly. Since 2008, those two girls create every winter a collection of home and wearable knitted accessories.

Made in Brussels in limited quantities with the finest Italian Mohair and Merino wool, each "Episode" as they call their collection is composed with different pieces for adults and babies.

Episode 3: "Panoplie" will transport you in a giggly warmth and a tremendous feeling of love. Grey sleeve-long gloves and dark blue giant scarves are gently dancing with the octopus knitted pink plaid and bright red pompom brooch.

Perfect gifts Idea for their exclusivity, "La Panoplie des Inséparables" is available in several shops in Belgium and France. The two sweet girls will also be attending "Dimanche des créateurs" at La Maison du Peuple in Saint-Gilles this 11th & 12th December. I don't know for you but I will be there to fully appreciate what this two woolen enchantress has to offer us.

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