lundi 10 janvier 2011

Pop now! Thomas Sabo S/S 2011

Everything is pop and pop is everything! From music to art to ad, powerful messages with a touch of bad, partly comic, partly ironic but always iconic, popular stuff, boombastic and tough, street culture, couture and kitsch, with colours that are spicy and rich, neon from head to toe, this is a true styler’s show. So feel the obsession for glamour, funk, and fashion, enjoy the mix of punk, metal and flash, it’s not a matter of cash, and start to rethink the vibrant beauty of pink, fancy the classy chic of a cleaner cut and kick some butt, be the catcher of the eye and let other people wonder why. You know the answer, for you are the advancer, breakdancer, catwalk glancer. Pop is fresh and young and free, full of intensity like you and me. Agree?

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