vendredi 7 janvier 2011

smart future minds exhibition / 2 Projects!

Live Christophe Washer

He has chosen to highlight the projects “NURSERY” and “RETAIL HEADQUARTERS”.

NURSERY” is nothing more than a baby’s school. But beware, a baby’s school which is very far from the others: it incorporates the most advanced energy performance requirements of today. 


Same approach with the hangar for road transport “RETAIL HEADQUARTERS”, a project that provides an industrial design where we go from reason to feeling, from functionality to beauty, from economics to culture.

The architect and urban planner Christophe works on the issue of the city of the future, with his students of ISURU, the urban planning school of Brussels of which he is the director.

The 20th century was marked by the threshold of 10 million people reached by many cities around the world. In parallel with these behemoths cities, the rural population decreased. Thinking about mobility, and looking for the right balance between urban and rural areas, is for Christophe Washer the great challenge that we face today. 

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Explore -  Susanna Campogrande

Curated by Susanna Campogrande, undisputed expert in new materials for design, this category provides a visionary view of the specific contribution of biotechnology and textile design options to the development of more sustainable processes.

For the Brussels company idraBEL and its project “BIOFIXATION” , biotechnology has to offer its innovations to the environment. Its technologies include natural processes of biology and biochemistry of the water. The results, adapted to decentralized treatment strategies, offer economical and sustainable solutions, like the biological cleaning of sewage systems and the restoration of aquatic ecosystems. 

ALTER PVC” is born through an amalgamation of expertises: the creative experience in textile design of La Cambre and the technical skills of the company solVin. This collaboration has given birth to a new material, combining ethical and semantic values, poetics and aesthetics.

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Test Drive!

And if you want to check out how the future feels like, try electric mobility in a smart fortwo electric drive.

You can be one of the 1st to test the electric car on the roads. There's barely any noise and no exhaust fumes, and you'll certainly feel the difference - it's the good feeling of driving a car that has minimum impact on the environment. See yourself and register for a drive!

02/12/10 - 09/01/11 urban stage brussels / avenue de la toison d'or / 1050 Brussels 

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