mardi 11 janvier 2011

Tron Evolution - the Game!

While Propaganda Games cranks down on the HD versions of Tron Evolution, Disney has put developer N-Space in charge of building a Wii experience that's unique to that platform. PS3 and 360 gamers will get a full-blown single player adventure, but Wii players are going to hit the energy grid in a huge series of multiplayer competition. According to Disney, the Wii version of Tron will have some sort of single player progression and storyline, but at the event we were jumping into the challenges from the multiplayer menu.

Most of the games will be played via the single solitary Wii remote without the nunchuk. For the Light Cycles, for example, you'll tilt the controller to steer with analog precision, but also be able to pull off hard 90 degree turns by tapping the D-pad left or right, as well as pull off a jump by flicking up on the controller.

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