lundi 7 février 2011

Mais il est où le soleil - Summer 2011

With the first ray of sun appearing in our Belgian sky, I couldn't do without talking about "Mais il est où le Soleil?" summer collection.
In winter, they took you on a journey to wonderland. Well the journey is over and they've brought back a lot of gift!
The fluid silhouette is playing here with minimal layers and flirting with lingerie convention. Cotton voils and satin with lace, boyish waistcoat and other reinvention join the essentials of the brand.
Newcomers of this season are Denim and Sunglasses. The latter are a first for the House with their red, purple or black shaded lenses.
Colors were not forgotten of course. The usual black, white and ivory basis are playfully dancing with muted tone and are spiced up by acid green & yellow. It's like if rainbows dyed all the clothes.
Add to that print of insects taken from pictures by a doctor & naturalist and you'll have the feeling this collection was created by Mother Nature Herself!
And since a picture worth a hundred words…

And a video worth 10 pictures...

Brussels General Store:RUE SIMONIS 55 - 1050 BRUSSELS (Châtelain)

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