jeudi 24 février 2011

Savage beauty!

According to the Met’s press release, the gallery will be divided into five showcases of recurring themes :

The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be exhibiting Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty, opening to the public May 4.

“The Savage Mind” which will examine his subversion of traditional tailoring and dressmaking practices through displacement and deconstruction.

“Romantic Gothic” will highlight McQueen’s narrative approach to fashion and illuminate his engagement with Romantic literary traditions such as death, decay, and darkness. It will also reveal the main characters of his collections, including emme fatales and anti-heroes such as pirates and highwaymen.

“Romantic Nationalism” will look at McQueen’s fascination with the distant past.

“Romantic Exoticism” will examine his focus on distant places.

“Romantic Primitivism” will explore McQueen’s engagement with the ideal of the “noble savage”.

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