mardi 13 juillet 2010

Delvaux pour toujours ...

Delvaux, the oldest fine leather company in the world, is enthusiastically thrusting itself into the year 2010 with the launch of a brand-new collection comprising five models. The line richly deserves its title: “Toujours”...

Veronique Branquinho, appointed Delvaux's artistic director 12 months ago, was anxious to create a multifaceted collection, in addition to the admittedly recent but more sophisticated line “Promenade”. Hence the idea and the eagerness to encourage more and more women of all ages to (re) discover the quality and expertise Delvaux has to offer.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the five bags that any busy woman struggling to reconcile so many items (career, family, enthusiasms, sports …) will be delighted to carry day after day, throughout her life.

The launch of the new line really pushed against the envelope in that the photographer Alex Salinas was commissioned to turn a spotlight on Delvaux's female staff. Contemporary, authentic women: each with her own style, her own “Toujours” bag.

The appeal of the new bags by Veronique Branquinho lies in the purity of their line and their ultra-functional design. The inside pockets plus the numerous storage spaces are perfect for the contemporary woman, who needs to be mobile and flexible, and has to have everything she needs right by her side. A bag that is both convenient and elegant.

The bags are available in five colours: Ganache, Bleu Royal, Réglisse, Vanille and Caramel.


Lundi : 350 eur
Mercredi : 790 eur
Vendredi : 730 eur
Samedi : 750 eur
Dimanche : 620 eur

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FashionVerdict a dit…

Toujours pas convaincu ... Plutôt jamais ! Un sac Delvaux à 350 eur (ne parlons du style ...) c'est vraiment comme cela qu'on est populaire ? Est-ce qu'Hermès ferait ça ? C'est plutôt le style de Vuitton ... Ou allez vous Delvaux. Je pense que les vraies clientes vont se désintéresser ! En plus entre nous c'est assez CHEAP. FashionVerdict

more more more!

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