mercredi 14 juillet 2010


With the release of a much anticipated debut album called "Sex Dreams and and Denim Jeans", what else could pop sensation Uffie think of but a worldwide partnership with denim supreme Diesel?

The album of the 22-year old electro-pop artist (who made memorable appearences on Justice's debut album and at festivals like pukkelpop, Coachella and lollapalooza) is a futuristic electronic hip hop soundtrack (pharrell williams contributes a return to form verse to the first hit single "add suv") laced with robotically catchy pop hooks.

It was released with a denim cover (complete with the signature diesel jeans fly button) specially designed and produced by the Italian company, for which Uffie had already performed live years back at one (pekin) of the tens of events that had been organized around the world to celebrate the brand's 30th birthday.

And to further celebrate this friendship, uffie and diesel will launch a capsule collection, designed jointly.

'Uffie+diesel' labels will grace 12 exclusive pieces (4 special denims, 4 sexy tops, a leather jacket, a denim corset dress, a super slim fit jumpsuit, and an incredible bag called 'night warrior') combining leather and denim with intriguing cuts and mixed materials. Collectable items that will rock Diesel stores (and selected contemporary stores) screaming out loud Diesel's crazy love for music. Available from beginning of November 2010.

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