mardi 3 août 2010

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS / New single “Another World”

New single released on digital download on Aug 16 / 12” vinyl August 23 on Freestyle Dust/ Parlophone Records /EMI   

With their latest album “Further”, released earlier this summer, the much revered dance duo of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands went back to basics, shaking free big name guest vocalists and instead releasing a studied, concise 8 song opus which wound together proved to be one of their most cohesive and compelling records yet.

Their new single “Another World”, released in August, shows just how this stripped down approach works so well; it’s a shimmering, pulsating, lolloping slice of electronica, one which builds, slowly and steadily, from a simple piano break, before growing to become an encompassing, dreamily propulsive epic. It’s simple yet devastatingly effective, particularly as it progresses towards its euphoric climax – and another potent reminder of just why The Chemical Brothers are still, after all these years, in a league of their own.!

‘Another World’, boasts an eclectic selection of mixes and features the much in demand ‘BoysNoize’ and ‘Popof’ remixes which are available on all formats.

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