dimanche 26 septembre 2010

9th edition of Pink Screens Film Festival / Brussels

The 9th edition of Pink Screens Film Festival will take place from 21 to 30 October at Cinema Nova.
Bold and subversive, Pink Screens is the only film festival in Belgium that challenges, in a plural and non Manichean way, issues about gender and sexualities, with a twist of honesty, humour and curiosity.
Pink Screens Film Festival is organised by volunteer association Genres d’à Côté and considers queer theories and themes with a cinephile angle, exploring original and taboo-free cinematography from all over the world.
Once again, our programme will explore various themes, in parallel with an exclusive focus on two artists who can’t be easily labelled: Barbara Hammer and Daniel Schmid. With the collaboration of Bozar and Cinematek, we will put these essential, though very little known, artists into the spotlight. Moreover, following a retrospective at New York’s MOMA, and before London’s Tate Modern, Pink Screens and Bozar will be the only to show the amazing works of Barbara Hammer in Belgium!


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