mardi 19 octobre 2010

Hunting and Collecting / Modo Brussels

2010 is the first time that Hunting and Collecting participates with MODO. This event is held yearly in downtown Brussels and focusses on fashion designers from Brussels and Belgium. Every year designers make a window display in one of the shops of the area showcasing their work and their creative universe. This year Modo has a new art director Didier Vervaeren, a new Logo and a new website. Modo takes place over the weekend, starting on friday evening 22nd of october, untill sunday evening the 24th of october.
At Hunting and Collecting 5 designers will be making an installation:
Mouton Collet is a Paris based duo, originally from Brussels, making extravagant jewellery for men and women. Their latest collabaration was with Lady Gaga for the video clip of ‘Alejandro’.

Mouton Collet is also available at Hunting and Collecting. See our
designer description

Sandrina Fasoli: Brussels based duo of designers making womenwear. Sandrina Fasoli recently opened their first flagship store at Place Brugmann in Brussels.

Sandrina Fasoli is also available at Hunting and Collecting. See our
designer description

Olivia Hainaut: Brussels based jewellery designer. Olivia Hainaut has her flagship store in the Brussels Chatelain area.

Romain Brau: Antwerp based fashion designer. Romain owns together with Anna the shop Ra in Antwerp.

Giuseppe Virgone: Brussels based fashion designer.

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