mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Duffy / Unveiled - The 'Endlessly' Artwork

Last week the artwork for Duffy's forthcoming second album was unveiled on Facebook
Last Tuesday Duffy joined Jools Holland in his BBC studio to give the first live outing of tracks from 'Endlessly'
If you weren't lucky enough to catch the performance live on the night head to the BBC iPlayer now to watch her renditions of 'Well, Well, Well' and Endlessly at your pleasure. You can also catch Friday night's full length edition on the iPlayer right here, where you'll get to see Duffy perform 'My Boy' for the first time on TV or Radio, as well as the previously aired performances of 'Well, Well, Well' and Endlessly.
'Endlessly' Preview On Youtube
Lastly, we have a little treat for you today - yet another snippet from Duffy's second album 'Endlessly'
If you head to Youtube right now you can listen to the record's title track in its entirety. 
Listen, enjoy and let us know what you think about the track in the comments section.

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