samedi 19 juin 2010

U've got mail from La fille d'O - TOUT VA BIEN.

choice cuts
those wise words were given to me once for my birthday
never knew they were going to be playing me for so long

so i have made some choices
i changed some of the 'choices' i had made before
for they were more like lingering indecision
who were waiting to grow

i know now that curiosity does not feed on indecision.
leaving all options open leads you nowhere.
so i took some steps outside my comfortzone
out side
i conquered some creatures, smelling like fear itself, living inside me
i threw out the junk
let the light back in

things started moving and tumbling and shifting shapes and flavours
good things

i found a new collection filtered from the dusty rooms in my head
this saturday 19th
i will show it to you
subtitles. advanced level. off.

since my search was rather intense
i will share it with you the same way it came to me
like cartman once said:
you gotta wade through all the dicks first

10pm to 2am
visit this site
and start clicking
you might stumble upon us
you might not
either way we will be glad to see you


tout va bien

follow my virtual friends that will guide you to more lfdo if needed
or wanted
all of the above

Mr. Twitter

sir Facebook
baby Blog
her royal highness the Webshoppe

waves hand
breathes in


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