vendredi 2 juillet 2010

The International Brussels Tattoo Convention

This is the first International Brussels Tattoo Convention with the city of Brussels since 1997.
On the magnificent site of Tour & Taxis Convention has invited about 140 international and national artists and piercers Tatto show you their skills and talents.

There will be a large variety of live entertainment such as International Burlesque Shows, Roller Girls, Live Bands, Tattoo Contests, Art Expositions & Art Fusions, pinstriping, and many more.
They have created a “Rockabilly Market” with all kinds of 50’s and early 60’s vintage clothing, jewelry, records, tattoo supplies, artwork, tattoo books & magazines, and not to forget tasty food & drinks.

Custom cars & bikes from the “Scrapers”, lowriders from “Chopperdome” and “Lone Wulfs” custom cars will also be present to support the Rockabilly years that have never stopped existing!

They have waited a long time to bring this International Brussels Tattoo Convention to you. Being a capital city, Brussels is the perfect location to host this event and keep the tattooscene

See you in November!

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