vendredi 2 juillet 2010


Martin Solveig proudly presents HELLO feat. Dragonette
1st single from forthcoming album "SMASH" (2011)

It’s the same man, the same producer, and he’s got the same quintessential attitude towards life and music as he ever had! We’re speaking about Martin Solveig of course, and he’s back with a brand new single, simply called ‘Hello’.

Of course, there is nothing ‘simple’ about this record, far from it; it’s brilliant, and as with everything the Frenchman does, comes with a jaw dropping video.

Let’s not forget Martin’s last release – the very lush and very pop ‘Boys & Girls’, a track that clocked up over 2 million hits on Youtube and brought to an end the ‘C’est La Vie’ chapter of his award winning career. It’s Martin’s affections for Dragonette that have led him to invite them back for this next record that once again feature Martina Sorbara’s untouchable vocals.

‘Hello’ is a funky, driving number, doused with chunky bass riffs, hypnotic grooving synths, skipping percussion and vocal hooks that will plant themselves in the mind of even the most cynical of critics all summer long.


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