jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Fever Ray News:

First look at the new Fever Ray live costumes for 2010 dates!
Fever Ray have once again collaborated with Andreas Nilsson (director of the If I Had A Heart and Stranger Than Kindness videos and 2009's spectacular live show) for the forthcoming live dates in Paris, Glasgow and London. The first clues to emerge from this are below, more to follow soon...
"Its been medieval times for a while now. Nasdaq have been suffering. The banks and the investors. Fever Ray have been suffering as well. Things have been shit. But Fever Ray rises on 9. Like Wall Street Zombies they are now back to juice out the last drips of humanity. Led by the taskmaster Karin, the warlords of monetary jungle are ready to give you a last piece of monotonic bourgeois joy before you and the world around you implode." Andreas Nilsson

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