mardi 12 octobre 2010


A presentation by François Ducray (rock critic – used to work for Actuel and Rock & Folk /author of biographies on Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg..)

Have you heard of Casanova? He seduced over a thousand women but fell in love less than ten times! One wonders if it’s a cold ratio or just plain boasting. But we rock critics are undeniably pop music’s Casanovas: after writing a thousand articles, how many lasting ecstasies are we left with, how many real discoveries? Not a lot…
As far as I’m concerned, I thought I’d had my share. Last time, it was Cat Power’s “You Are Free”. But here it is again, this vertiginous feeling, this rare tingling that takes over my whole body when music fills me with wonder, twists my insides and stupefies my senses to the point where I just KNOW: the music is so fresh and filled with color, rich and full of adrenalin, that it just makes so much sense all of a sudden. And I’m wondering how I’ve lived without it this whole time… Without, for instance, the Velvet Underground, almost my whole life! Now I’m asking myself how I lived without The Bewitched Hands!...

It happened to me before with bands of totally different styles, like Roxy Music and the Sparks on one side, Talking Heads and French band the Rita Mitsouko on the other. Four debut albums (except for the Sparks, that was their third album) full of passion, boldness and innate elegance. Four debut albums with flamboyant personalities, full to the brim with songs made of pop flesh and rock muscle, of songs so amazing they acquired the level of success of the Beatles, the Kinks or Gainsbourg during his Golden Age. Four debut albums announcing four unprecedented careers. And I saw it happen, as true as I went into trances listening to Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”, Lou Reed’s “Berlin” and Robert Wyatt’s “Rock Bottom”, and wrote about it, that’s my legacy!...

New extract of the 1st album of The Bewitched Hands- Birds and Drums - Out on October, 25th.
Sea, available in freedownload on the facebook page of the group

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