mercredi 26 mai 2010


To celebrate the unique street and music heritage of Fred Perry, we have created this micro-site to give you the chance to upload your photos or videos of you wearing Fred Perry.

So what are we looking for? Ideally, they would be images, video or cine film (converted to a video clip) from your own family albums – or shots taken with friends. The brand started in 1952, so they can be from that date - through to the present day. They might be of you at a music festival, club rally, on a beach or in your back garden. You may even choose to take a shot that has been inspired by the images you will see on this web site. This site is for you to share your affection and affiliation to Fred Perry or the many music subcultures associated with the iconic laurel logo: These include Mods, Rudeboys, Suedeheads, Ska/Two Tone, Reggae, Punk, New Wave, Casuals/Perry Boys, Alternative, Britpop, Electronic/Rave and Indie/Electro clash.

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