lundi 31 mai 2010


By gentucca bini is the new project of Italian fashion designer Gentucca Bini. It comes from the need to establish and intensify the relationship with the objects. Gentucca Bini mixes her style with the style of different fashion designers: re-branding becomes a renovation act. Placing her style over a different brand, a style which will change every season, like in a prêt-à-porter collection, Gentucca gives new life to past fashion collections, producing slight but incisive changes, to respect their history, to re-create a relationship between the customer and the product, to start again from fashion, from the act of its birth, to interact with the past and make it fashionable again, to ensure the future and protect the memory, to make the product more personal and unique, without forgetting the funny aspect and the irony.

11.06.2010 and 12.06.2010 from 10.30AM until 6PM
Bring your designer clothing, during these two days Gentucca Bini will be present at her installation with three colleagues to give new life to your old designer pieces!

Graanmarkt13, 2000 Antwerpen
T: +32 3 337 79 92

The installation by gentucca bini is is part of VITRINE2010: SLOW FASHION

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