mercredi 19 mai 2010

Jojo's Ephemere Shop

Join the Jojo team to have a look, a chat and a beer.
Everyday, from 1pm till 11pm.

Try & Buy or Kiss & Fly.

Thursday 20th (starting at 5pm):
• Free Beers
• Free Jägermeister Shots (Yes, they got the Machine)
• Music by the one and only Cosy Mozzy

Friday 21st (from 1pm till 11pm) + Afterparty!
• Free beers (again)
• Free Jägermei...(if the Machine is not broken)
• Music by the handsome POLé POLé
• Afterparty @ LE TIGRE for LE JOUR DU TIGRE

Saturday 22nd (from 1pm till 11pm):
++++Surprise Surprise ++++

Sunday 23rd (from 1pm till 7pm):
• Lazy sunday / Music by i-Pod
• Beers for the survivors
• Aspirine

Monday 24th (from 1pm till 7pm):
+++ Closing Party +++


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