mardi 8 juin 2010


The Dolce&Gabbana Gentleman is turning 20 this month, so we are looking forward to a superb celebration on 19th June in Milan.
To pay tribute to their creations and to them as designers, their models and friends have joined voices to sing "Happy Birthday"; among them Brandon Wilson, Vladimir Ivanov, Emma I, Nikola Jovanovic, Roman Grafov, Andrei Zakharov, Neff Garrett + Terron Wood, Alex Cunha + Cristopher Meireles, Lindsay, Laurent Albucher + Julien Quevenne, Luis Kelling + Lukas Bossert, Arthur Kulkov, Natasha Poly, Andrea Preti, Ieva Laguna., Eugene Souleiman, Guy Robinson, Anna De Rijk, Eddie Wrey, David Gandy, Evandro Soldati.
It is sweet, spontaneous and sincere... Buon Compleanno, Bon Anniversaire, Happy Birthday Stefano and Domenico!

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